Khormoj Castle

Bushehr province, Khormoj city
About: Khormoj Castle

Khormoj castle or Muhammad Khan Dashti castle is located in Khormoj town, the center of Dashti town and it is one of the historical and spectacular relics of Bushehr province in southern Iran.
Khormoj which currently only one of its towers is left used to have four palisades, four towers, indoors, central building, guard house and a stable. A part of this castle is known with the name of Muhammad Khan Dashti castle and the other part is known as Jamal Khan castle.
The architecture style of this castle is the Seljuqi style and it is influenced by the Sassanid castle making style which it is constructed with arcades and moldings in the decorations of walls and inside the rooms. 
This relic which is one of the architecture samples of Qajar dynasty has innovative and unique decorations and was registered in 2000 in the list of national relics with the registration number of 3032.

General Specifications
Khormoj Castle
Qajar dynasty
Mohammad Khan Dashti
Architectural style
Seljuk and Sassanid styles
Special features
This work is one of the most glorious samples of Qajar era architecture and it has exquisite and one of a kind decorations
Similar relics and places
The building's style, stucco and vault resemble those of Ardashir Babakan's Palace in Firouzabad, Fars
Nearest tourist attractions
Bang Dashti touristic area
Access route
Bushehr province, Khormoj city
Access to vehicles
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