Shirvan Valley

About: Shirvan Valley

Shirvan valley is one of the beautiful areas of Sabalan District in Ardabil Province, which has been left intact and natural due to lack of access route, and chosen as the eleventh wildlife habitat in Iran. This valley begins from Shabil hot-water in Sabalan mountainside and ends in Lahrud plain. 
This natural park is in the process of being registered in UNESCO as the second Geopark in the Middle East. This area contains unique geographical characteristics, and one-of-a-kind animal and plant species. It is the permanent habitat of several animals such as pig, fox, wolf, ram, Armenian mouflon, brown bear, partridge, laughing dove, and some migrating birds.

General Specifications
Shirvan Valley
Around 100 to 150 meters
Geographical features
Has remained pristine and untouched and is known as the eleventh wildlife habitat of Iran.
Special features
This natural park, is pending registration prcedures in the UNESCO as the second geopark of the middle east.
Best time to visit
Spring and Summer
Necessary tools and equipment
Rock climbing and mountaineering equipment
Nearest tourist attractions
Shabil mineral hot springs
Access route
The main enterance to the valley 5 kilometers belo the Shabil hot springs, near Lahrud, 51 kilometers southeast of Meshginshahr, Ardabil province, Iran
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