The Nomads of Ardabil

Shahsevan Nomads

About: The Nomads of Ardabil

The nomadic (tribe) community is memories from the brilliant history of this ancient land with a history of about 12,000 years old. Many tribes and elats such as Shahsavan and Arasbaran live in Azarbaijan. They reside in different places according to the season. In the summer, they are mainly located in the foothills of Sabalan and Ghosha dagh around the cities of Meshkin, Sarab and Ahar, and the tribes of Khalkhal live in the mountains of Talesh. Winter residence of Shahsavan and Arasbaran tribes live is the plain of Moghan and Khalkhal tribes live in the margin of the river Ghezel Ozan.

Our country is one of the few countries in which there are nomadic tribes all over the country. Without the tribes, the natural cycle of the ecosystem is disturbed and will soon be destroyed.

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