Beautiful Nature of Ardabil Province

About: Beautiful Nature of Ardabil Province

Pleasant weather and eye-catching nature in the spectacular mountainside of the high Sabalan Mountain are life-giving factors of Ardabil Province. Extraordinary features of Ardabil's nature are attractively presented in the north of Iran, and everyone who is exposed to the unique nature of this province will unbelievably experience two paradoxical feelings of excitement and tranquility. With its beautiful nature, green plains, and Sabalan hot water springs, Ardabil Province creates pleasant memories, and visiting its historical monuments as well as its villages brings liveliness and happiness along.

General Specifications
Beautiful Nature of Ardabil Province
Animal features
Specified and protected animal species such as the Armenian mouflon, wild goat, Caracal, leopard, brown bear, Caspian snowcock, variety of birds of prey
Plant features
Medlar, fig, Montpellier maple, grapevine, cucumber, Russian olive, Dog-rose, barberry, hawthorn, Jerusalem thorn, oak, honeyberry, juniper, ash
Important parts to visit
Savalan mountain, mineral waters of Sareyn and other regions of Ardabil, tourism regions.
Best time to visit
Spring and Summer
Access route
Ardabil province, Iran
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