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Endersm or Enders canyon is one of the beautiful and exciting canyons of Iran which is less known by ecoutirsits. Enders town is known for its waterfalls. In the path of Enders which is sometime passed from jungles and sometimes from very long and rocky walls, there is a chain like waterfall that the traveler of Enders have no way but to jump from them or land in them. These waterfalls which are approximately 30 small and large strings have heights between 5 to 25 meters and if one falls into one of them, there is no turning back. Most waterfalls of Enders have seen no human but professional mountain climbers.

General Specifications
Endersm Canyon
The appellation of Andres dates back to the old brown bear habitat of Mazandaran in the Siah Bisheh forests.
Animal features
Plant features
The vegetation of the valley include alder, birch, beech, oak, boxwood, maple, elm, chestnut and scattered wild plum trees and raspberry and strawberry bushes.
Best time to visit
Last two months of Summer
Necessary equipment
Full rock climbing equipment
Nearest tourist attractions
Yakh Morad cave
Special Offer
Having a full grasp on techniques of rock climbing and mountain climbing and a mastery of descent and rock grappling skills is a must for crossing this valley.
Access route
Alborz province, northwest of Gach Sar, southwest of Siah Bisheh and the western edge of Kandovan cervix on the road from Chalus to Karaj
Parking at the beginning
Shelters on the path
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